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Empower girls and women

TAKT recognizes the power of sport and play in empowering girls and young women by building their capacities to improve their own situation and that of others in their community. Throughout our sport leadership and life skills programs girls have an opportunity to build their self-esteem, resilience, self- efficacy, thus becoming active agents in their leadership development.


Our programmes have allowed girls and women to use their leadership skills to capitalize on their education, to express their opinions and ideas and to take action on issues of societal importance. Consequently, our sport based programs have become a powerful tool for challenging patriarchal social norms and furthering development goals.

Strong advocacy agenda on advancing gender equity

TAKT has created an emerging initiative that advocates for gender equality in sport. Through a developed advocacy strategy we aim to highlight underrepresented and marginalized women in sports both on national and international level. Our advocacy campaign is meant to amplify unheard voices of women in sport in the country providing them with an equal access and opportunities in sport TAKT works on gender awareness raising in order to provide reliable and accessible information to build a better understanding of gender equality as a core value in the country. Moreover, we participate and represent the voice of the women in sport by policy engagement and advocacy on national and international level. We call on policy makers, political parties and governments to include the gender equality perspective into policies and political dialogues.


We do advocacy towards policy makers, including reinforcement of gender component within the policy reforms and legislation.

Peace building and social cohesion through sport

TAKT’s goal is to harness the power of sport to promote inclusion, reconciliation and peacebuilding. We implement Sport for Development and Peace as a social intervention strategy which uses games and sport to address peace and development objectives, building on the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our sports programmes’ target is to overcome geographic and social barriers, thus providing secure place to improve the communication, interaction and integration of youth coming from different ethnic or religious background. Through sport we educate and promote positive values and we facilitate development of important individual and social skills.

Be equal be fair

The project "Be equal, Be fair" has sole focus of providing support for innovative sports-related programs for empowerment and inclusion, thus creating a social movement around sport for the advancement of women’s rights. Sport is used as a platform to provide women and girls with life skills education and leadership opportunities. The project was supported by UK embassy.

Youth education through sport

The project proposal ,,Youth education through sport’’ is reflecting on the growing importance to use sport on grassroot level, in prevention of violent extremism in the municipality of Cair. Through carefully designed and tailored sport and skill-based program we will be ensuring the development of youth and positively contribute to building resilient communities that are less prone to radicalization. We will develop long-term sport and skill-based program". Community workshops will be organized together with all respected community members to develop a meaningful and practical after-school sport program. The structure, timeframe and resources will be discussed and agreed by all community members. The program will be delivered by trained trainers, the expert group, and other relevant stakeholders and it will be promoted in all schools at the municipal level as well as through the sport clubs and youth centers. The project is realized in partnership with Community Youth Center Cair and USA embassy.

Together for gender equality in sports

The project All Together for Gender Equality in Sport is a four-month project aiming to affirm sport as a tool to empower girls and women as well as to promote the sport successes of athletes and women active within the sports sector. Part of the implemented activities are social media campaigns, promotion of inspirational sports stories as well as support of the gala event, "Annual Salute to Women in Sport". This project is supported by Horus at the Sustainability Academy, 2015 which conducted training on access and partnership creation with the private sector in Macedonia. Through this training TAKT started cooperation and partnership with the private sector in Macedonia.

Promoting a Strategic Approach to EU Sports Diplomacy

Sports Diplomacy

TAKT is a partner of Erasmus + for the implementation of the three- year project “Promoting a Strategic Approach to EU Sports Diplomacy” aimed at preparing primary research and stage series of sporting events in order to support the EU’s priorities in the field of sports diplomacy. This project will help the EU adopt a strategic approach to sport diplomacy and provide evidence of instances where sport can help amplify key EU diplomatic messages and help forge better diplomatic relations with third countries. For example, the project examines how sport diplomacy projects in third states can, amongst other things, play a role in: combating violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance; encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport; improve good governance in sport; encourage participation in sport and promote voluntary activity in sport.
Partners for this project are: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Edge Hill University; TMC Asser Institute, Netherlands; TAKT; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law, Croatia; ESSCA School of Management, France.

Roma Inclusion through Sport in Europe

The key objective of the project is to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities and raise awareness of the disadvantaged situation of the Roma minority through sport-based education. General aims of the project:1. To promote social inclusion, equal opportunities and sport-based education for underprivileged (especially Roma) young people, and raise awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through innovative cross-sectoral cooperation; 2. To empower and build capacity of sport clubs, youth organisations, civil society organisations to develop and deliver sport-based educational activities targeting underprivileged populations, especially Roma youngsters;3. To collect, classify and promote European good practices in the field of social inclusion through sport and to develop a sport-based educational methodology to be introduced in an accessible handbook;4. To up-skill trainers, coaches, youth leaders and NGO staff with necessary knowledge to realize sport-based educational interventions to underprivileged target groups, such as Roma youngsters. This project is supported by Erasmus+.

Adventure Tourism Development and Youth

The main aim that this project looks to achieve is to increase the offer of adventure tourism products for engagement of youth and increasing youth employment with specific aim on: enhancing regional, cultural and natural heritage development through tourism by merging the common interests; cultural pluralism and preservation of natural heritage (national parks) to foster a culture of responsible youth who will promote tourism; youth innovation and diversification for sustainability through youth HUB’s; local community empowerment; and the use of young artisans in the tourism development industry.

National Fitness Day for Europe

The project is about building capacity for the European Week of Sport (EWoS) through the establishment of National Fitness Days and physical activity promotion in a number of non-EU programme countries and partner countries (non-EU countries). A two-directional exchange of knowledge and experience will be organized by bringing together 4 well established National Fitness Associations with experience in EU funded projects and existing successful NFD campaigns, with key fitness actors in other non-EU countries. The establishment of a “buddying relationship” will help create strong bonds between organizations, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience to grow the fitness sector. It’s a clear goal of the project to build relationships that will long-outlast the duration of the project, incorporating actors from the partner countries into the EU-fitness and sport networks.


Let them Lead: Advancing gender equality in sport

The one-year project “Let them Lead-Advancing Gender Equality in Sport”, supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Macedonia started with its implementation from December 2018. Namely, the activities within this project included workshops and seminars intended for capacity building of local sports organizations with the aim of introducing the gender perspective in the internal legislation, as well as promotion of methods and modules for the promotion of gender equality in the internal structures of the sports subjects. At the same time, a campaign was created to raise awareness of the significance of gender equality and equal opportunities for women involved in the sports sector. Partners for this initiative were the Agency for Youth and Sports, as well as the international women’s association “Women Win” from the Netherlands.

Sport for all

Sport for all

TAKT together with the local network for Sport for Development in Kriva Palanka, and supported by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ, launched the six-month project “Sport for All” on April 15th 2019. The goal of the project “Sport for All” was to improve the social inclusion of marginalized youth in Kriva Palanka by increasing their access to sports facilities in the city. In this project, the sport was used as a tool to achieve the inclusion of children and young people from the marginalized areas of the city. The main objective of this action was to help acquire skills for social inclusion through sport and promote peace building, friendship, co-operation and inclusive values at all levels of society.
The project is a series of planned and structured activities in order to promote the idea of sport for all (sports for social inclusion) and to join local schools, sports clubs, grassroots movements, youth organizations at all local levels as well as at the national level.
The project created a sustainable base of trainers, mentors, young leaders who used their knowledge and incorporated it into their schools, clubs and youth centers. Urban sports sites for social inclusion revived the forgotten sports structures that were transformed into sustainable sports locations for all young people in the city. This project emphasized the power of sport as a tool for transforming communities and its people for the better.

Project on Sport’s diplomacy

TAKT started with the realization of the ten-month project from the program Sport Diplomacy in order to build cooperation and partnership between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Kosovo. Sports diplomacy can be defined as a new qualitative, economical and influential approach that leads to creation of lasting dialogue and cultural understanding as well as inclusion and strengthening of cooperation among young people. Within the project workshops and summer camps were organized, with participants both from the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Kosovo. The project was supported by the International Association for Sport and Culture.

We Stand Together-Sport for Social Inclusion

In partnership with the Embassy of France in Skopje the project “We Stand Together-Sport for Social Inclusion” was implemented, which aim was to improve the community cohesion, fight social exclusion and contribute to positive social changes. The project targeted all important sport actors within North Macedonia in order to improve the inclusion of youth from marginalized pockets within the society. The project directly targeted youth age 12-18 improving their position in the society by working on their engagement in sport and sport activities which will contribute to their inclusion within the society and it was designed on three important pillars in order to reach the designated goals: 1. Networking and cooperation (Lyon, France) 2. Capacity building (North Macedonia) and 3. Awareness raising (North Macedonia).

Solidarity for migrants

Solidarity for migrants

Artistic activities represent an important part in dealing with humanitarian crises, as documented in several international initiatives worldwide. The project Creative and Sports Activities for the migrants in Macedonia was implemented with the aim to contribute to improving the psycho-social condition of migrants in transit centers in Macedonia. We take into account that the implementation of a physical or artistic initiative lifts the moral, prevents conflicts and unhealthy behavior in the camps and contributes to the sense of power and successfully overcomes the difficulties and the problems migrants face every day. In the project duration of five months TAKT’s team organized creative workshops with jugglers, painting, clay-works and music, as well as spots activities of moderate physical activities or sports games.

Telemark Macedonia

Telemark Macedonia

Telemark 2014

Telemark Macedonia has been organized in two skiing resorts, Mavrovo and Popova Sapka, resulting in participation of more than hundred people, with experience or little skiing experience. The aim of the project is to stress the importance of physical activities and contribute to the empowerment of women through outdoor sports activities. The project equally promotes the beauties of the Macedonian biggest skiing resorts and the attractive nature and slops they have to offer.

Telemark 2015

The successful project of Telemark Macedonia 2014 has been repeated next year, boosting the overall participation of enthusiastic skiers from the whole region. The event was complemented by debates on importance of women’s participation in sport; theoretical lectures about the telemark skiing; presentation of videos from skiing and mountaineering and other various activities. The project was supported by U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program, Italian embassy, Municipality of Rostuse and Mavrovo, Snowevents and skiing center Zare Lazarevski.

Girl’s empowerment through sport

Girls Empowerment

“Girl’s empowerment through sport” is the new project supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by TAKT NGO. The project consists of various workshops on advancement of leadership skills through sport, held in high-schools across Macedonia. Two female experts from well-known Dutch NGO will be conducting the workshop on girl’s empowerment through sport, together with the students from Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health. This project will also feature inspirational video presenting female athletes as well as published stories with prominent Macedonian female athletes.

Move Week 2015

Move Week

Move Week 2015 is an internationally recognized sports week, which takes place in more than 200 cities in Europe and part of South America. TAKT together with Federation for recreational sports organized various sports activities in almost all Macedonian cities, with particulate enforcement on promotion of moderate physical activities for elderly people. More than 10 retiring homes and shelters for elderly took part as a sustainability resource for this project.

Girls are leaders

Girls are Leaders

“Girls are leaders” is a sport-six- months initiative to use sport-based approach and create unique opportunities to empower girls and women across Macedonia. The objective of the project is to promote role-models and empowered female athletes and through especially tailored activities to support and facilitate entrepreneurship in sport industry. This project is based on a concept that covers nation-wide engagement, through a selection of three municipalities across Macedonia. The initiative is supported by the French embassy and the French Consulate.

International Day for Sport and Development

International Day

6th of April, The International Day for sport and Development was for the first time organized in Macedonia, engaging famous athletes as role models in promoting sport for peace. Successful Campaign and on-line platform was created.

Healthy Ageing Through Sport

“Healthy Ageing Through Sport” is a project that promotes recreational sports activities for elderly people (55+). The sports activities will be run by experienced athlete and they will follow a Slovenian model of exercising. All the participants will have an opportunity to attend theoretical workshops and learn more about benefits from regular exercising. These recreational activities will be held at open spaces such as parks in the municipality of Center, Skopje. The benefits from moderate physical activities are: prevention of osteoporosis, prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and obesity, improvement of coordination and balance, mental health benefits, better sleep and advancement of well-being and vitality. This project is supported by the municipality of Center, Skopje.

MTB Race Mavrovo

“MTB Race Mavrovo” is a project for enhancing the sport activities and habits for smallest, by enhancing participation in simulative and interactive workshops which were organized as complimentary part of the Annual Bicycle Marathon taking place in Mavrovo.

United through Sport

The project “United through sport” is a ten-months initiative implemented on a national level, with aim to create a national network of 25 sport leaders from across Macedonia. The leaders who are prominent sport promotors in their communities, are guided to develop action plan on three topics such as women’s empowerment thorough sport, social inclusion of marginalized groups through sport and peacebuilding and conflict resolution through sport. In addition, a unique Sport Festival for social inclusion will be organized and tool kit for increased participation of girls in sports will be published. This project is implemented in partnership with the USA embassy.

Financial report 2018

Financial report 2018

Annual report 2018

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