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Empower girls and women

Empower girls and women

TAKT recognizes the power of sport and play in empowering girls and young women by building their capacities to improve their own situation and that of others in their community. Throughout our sport leadership and life skills programs girls have an opportunity to build their self-esteem, resilience, self- efficacy, thus becoming active agents in their leadership development.

Our programmes have allowed girls and women to use their leadership skills to capitalize on their education, to express their opinions and ideas and to take action on issues of societal importance. Consequently, our sport based programs have become a powerful tool for challenging patriarchal social norms and furthering development goals.


Strong advocacy agenda on advancing gender equity

TAKT has created an emerging initiative that advocates for gender equality in sport. Through a developed advocacy strategy we aim to highlight underrepresented and marginalized women in sports both on national and international level. Our advocacy campaign is meant to amplify unheard voices of women in sport in the country providing them with an equal access and opportunities in sport TAKT works on gender awareness raising in order to provide reliable and accessible information to build a better understanding of gender equality as a core value in the country. Moreover, we participate and represent the voice of the women in sport by policy engagement and advocacy on national and international level. We call on policy makers, political parties and governments to include the gender equality perspective into policies and political dialogues.

We do advocacy towards policy makers, including reinforcement of gender component within the policy reforms and legislation.

Peace Building

Peace building and social cohesion through sport

TAKT’s goal is to harness the power of sport to promote inclusion, reconciliation and peacebuilding. We implement Sport for Development and Peace as a social intervention strategy which uses games and sport to address peace and development objectives, building on the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our sports programmes’ target is to overcome geographic and social barriers, thus providing secure place to improve the communication, interaction and integration of youth coming from different ethnic or religious background. Through sport we educate and promote positive values and we facilitate development of important individual and social skills.