Balkan Play 2 Include

Apr 24, 2022

Date of Implementation: 2022 – 2023

Description of the Project:
The Balkan Play to Include program is a joint initiative aimed at bringing together sport stakeholders across the Balkans in order to develop the skills of young people and improve their inclusion in society. The program focuses on providing young people with the necessary capacities to succeed in their communities, including leadership and teamwork skills, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity. By working with a range of partners, including local sports clubs, schools, and government organizations, the program aims to create a network of support for young people across the region and to promote inclusion and social cohesion. Through this program, young people will have the opportunity to learn new skills, form positive relationships, and gain a sense of belonging in their communities.

Over 600 organizations worldwide from 83 countries applied for this program, ten were selected, including TAKT together with Stop the Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children (StopOSAEC). The other organizations and their notable projects are Golden Boots (Uganda): The Sport for Protection Project (STOP); Soccer for All Vietnam (Vietnam): Soccer for All in Vietnam; Open Field (Cameroon): Sport as an Opportunity for Community Response and Engagement (S.C.O.R.E); Education to Share (Mexico): Sport to Share (S4S); College of Youth Activism and Development (Pakistan): Balochistan Indigenous Games Restoration and Standardization Project; Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (Jordan): Youth-led street sports for all; Dream a Dream (India): After School Life Skills Program; Association for the Promotion of Mutual Trust and Angaza Center for Sports and Development (Kenya): The Game for Peace Project.

This project was developed within the UNAOC initiative “Sport for One Humanity”. The main objective of the programme/project is to select and support innovative sports-based projects that promote a culture of inclusion peace, mutual understanding and cooperation between different communities and cultures around the world, with priority given to projects that embody the SDGs of Diversity and Inclusion, Education and Empowerment of youth, empowerment of women and girls, inclusion of persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups and fostering peaceful and inclusive societies. The grant provides capacity-building instruction and education through online training sessions, mentoring, and face-to-face workshops based on the recipient’s unique needs.

Supported by: UNAOC