Building Bridges Through Grass-root Sports Diplomacy

Oct 1, 2021

Date of Implementation: 10.01.2021 to 10.06.2021

Description of the Project:
The project will enable the adoption of a strategic approach to sports diplomacy and will provide evidence of cases where sport plays an important role in reinforcing key diplomatic messages of the EU, contributing to strengthening diplomatic relations with third countries. The project examines what role sport plays in the fight against violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance, encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport; improving good governance in sport, encouraging participation in sport and promoting voluntary activity in sport.

Together with our partner Prasinés Διαδρομές ΚοινΣΕπ Greenways Social Cooperative Enterprise and with the support of the Municipality of Resen, we will promote sports as a tool for bringing together and exchanging knowledge and experiences between young people from the Prespa region of both countries. Sports diplomacy plays an important role in encouraging dialogue, building partnerships and cooperation as well as empowering young people from different regions and countries.
Within the framework of the project “Building bridges through grassroots sports diplomacy”, a sports camp was held with the aim of bringing together and exchanging experiences between young people from N. Macedonia and Greece. For the duration of the camp, several sports were applied through which the young people learned about solidarity, empathy, teamwork and communication skills.

Supported by: U.S. Embassy North Macedonia