Parasport Adventurer

Jan 1, 2021

Date of Implementation: 01.01.2021- 31.12.2022

Description of the Project:
The “Parasport Adventurer” project aims to inspire people with disabilities to be physically active and encourage their passion for adventure and sports. Activities for people with disabilities were organized in the project itself.

The “Parasport Adventurer” project is a unique initiative that aims to inspire people with disabilities to be physically active and pursue their passion for adventure and sports. The project focuses on providing individuals with disabilities access to adaptive equipment, resources, and training to participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, and rock climbing. The initiative also aims to build a sense of community and support among participants, through activities such as group excursions and mentorship programs. By providing access to these activities, the project aims to break down barriers and promote inclusion for people with disabilities, encouraging them to lead active, fulfilling lives. Additionally, the project will raise awareness of the capabilities of people with disabilities and demonstrate that adventure and sports are not limited to able-bodied individuals.

Together with our partners in the project we had the opportunity to create 3 short films. Through the films themselves, we found out and became familiar with the conditions in which they work and the obstacles faced by people with disabilities who want to play sports. We concluded that sport knows no boundaries and has great mental and physical benefits for people who practice sports, so all people should have the right conditions for sports and recreation.

Supported by: Erasmus+