Roma Inclusion Through Sport in Europe

Jan 1, 2020

Date of Implementation: 01.01.2020-30.06.2021

Description of the Project:
The goals of the project are raising awareness of the importance of physical activity to improve health through innovative intersectoral collaboration; strengthening and building capacities of sports clubs, youth organizations, civil organizations whose purpose is to develop and deliver activities based on sports, and which target the poor population, especially young Roma.

TAKT is part of the new platform for the integration of refugees through sports (IRTS) in which more than 60 organizations across Europe and the Western Balkans are members. One of the activities of this platform is mentoring support for all persons and organizations who want to learn more about this topic. The mentors have great experience and expertise and come from sports and civic organizations that have been implementing activities for a long time and contribute to the creation of policies relevant to the successful integration of refugees.

Also, within this project, coaches, youth leaders and employees of non-governmental organizations will be trained with the necessary knowledge to implement sports-based interventions, intended for poor target groups, such as young Roma.

Supported by: Erasmus +