Jun 12, 2023

📢 #SUDECU is starting our three-year competence development program for democracy!

📚 The project aims to involve the youth and parents in the territory of our country and to empower and encourage them to take an active part in the social and political life of their community. For this purpose, our team of experts: Maya Raunik Kirkov and Magdalena Spasovska, with the support of the University of Zurich, will develop a three-year program that will support their learning process and the development of the necessary competencies.

These competencies are necessary learning if we want and live in a democratic, culturally and linguistically diverse community.

Many thanks to Rolf Gollob from PHZH International Projects in Education and his leadership in this creative process and development of SUDECU.

Three interesting years of development, learning and friendship await us!

The project is realized in partnership and with a donation from the University of Zurich and PHZH.

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