Youth and Employment – Development of employment skills among young people

Mar 21, 2024

The project “Youth and Employment – Development of employment skills among young people in the municipality of Karposh” started in March!

The project is based on the need to support young high school students from the municipality of Karposh in the direction of skills development and employment.

The project is aimed at secondary schools in the municipality and aims to develop their capacities in terms of adding value to the development of young people’s skills through educational programs and support.

The project should improve the employability of young people and thereby indirectly contribute to reducing the percentage of youth unemployment in the country, which according to the latest data reaches more than 40%.

The project aims to increase the capacity of secondary schools by providing training for their teachers and employment counselors, by creating programs in schools that will engage young people in creative and innovative ways of learning and improving their soft skills, by engaging of young people in fun, activities that will benefit their health and their development.

The project puts a special focus on young people from marginalized groups, as well as on the development of skills of young girls.

The project is supported by the Municipality of Karposh

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