TAKT together with the local network for Sport for Development in Kriva Palanka, and supported by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ, launched the six-month project “Sport for All” on April 15th 2019. The goal of the project “Sport for All” was to improve the social inclusion of marginalized youth in Kriva Palanka by increasing their access to sports facilities in the city. In this project, the sport was used as a tool to achieve the inclusion of children and young people from the marginalized areas of the city. The main objective of this action was to help acquire skills for social inclusion through sport and promote peace building, friendship, co-operation and inclusive values at all levels of society.

The project is a series of planned and structured activities in order to promote the idea of sport for all (sports for social inclusion) and to join local schools, sports clubs, grassroots movements, youth organizations at all local levels as well as at the national level.

The project created a sustainable base of trainers, mentors, young leaders who used their knowledge and incorporated it into their schools, clubs and youth centers. Urban sports sites for social inclusion revived the forgotten sports structures that were transformed into sustainable sports locations for all young people in the city. This project emphasized the power of sport as a tool for transforming communities and its people for the better.

Sport for all