As a recommendation from the first National Conference “Women in Sport”, TACT with the support of UN Women, established the Working Group on Gender Equality in Sports.

Members of the working group are prominent female athletes and activists such as: Gordana Naceva, Monika Gavrilovska, Silvija Mitevska, Andrijana Budimir, Gordana Cvetkovska-Boshevska, Lence Aleksovska-Velichkovska and Andrijana Misovski.

The Working Group on Gender Equality in Sports will strive to achieve the following aims:

  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women through sports
  • Improve access for women and girls to physical education and sports
  • Introduction of a gender perspective in the implemented legislation and policies
  • Proper allocation of financial and other resources for the implementation of laws and policies that will ensure gender equality in sport
  • Raising awareness about the existing stigmatization and marginalization of women in sports
  • Overcoming prejudice, especially in vulnerable categories of women and girls, related to participation in sports activities
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