Alma Pollozhani: Show us what you can do!

Alma Pollozhani is a young woman, remarkable for her strength and strong-mindedness. She has macedonian roots from Struga, but she is born and lives in Switzerland, where she daily practices her passion – karate. She does her best and performs outstanding results just with the usual training. “Show us what you can do!” is her mojo.

1. Where did the love for karate came from? Did you do any other sport before doing karate?

I didn’t know about the sport karate before. Since I was very shy people recommended to do Karate.

2. What is the usual training you do before a big match or a championship? What kind of advice do you get from your trainer and friends?

I don’t need a big change in my training before a competition, that just irritates me. The best preparation I can do form e is to train like I always do and prepare myself for this mentally.

The most common phrase I hear from my friends, family and my trainer is „Show us what you can do!“.

Alma Pollozhani: Show us what you can do!

3. Which are the most significant wins of your career?

In November 2015 I was European champion in the European Shotokan Karate-Do Championship and also in the Junior-Category Vice. In August 2017, where the Japan Karate Association took place, I took the 2nd place and became Vice-world-champion.

4. I suppose training in Switzerland is a bit different from training elsewhere in the world? What are the good and the bad sides from training in Switzerland?

It has more disadvantages than advantages. In Switzerland the sport karate isn’t really supported. The sport hasn’t a big meaning next to football or the winter sports. I can’t afford to live by just doing karate. I always go to my training in the evening after I come home from my work or on the weekends.

5. What is your motivation in karate? Your motivational story, what keeps you going?

Because of the sport Karate I have been able to develop personally. I became a strong and confident young woman. This is really important for my job as a distraint officer. Seeing my friends and family proud after a victory is a big motivation form e to keep going.

6. What would you give as advice to your fellow female karateists in Macedonia?

Form e personally the head is important. If you aren’t ready mentally you will loose. If your head is ready you can do everything.

7. Do dreams come true through sport? Do you see yourself competing at future Olympic games?

Hmm the olympic games are a big thing. It’s not impossible but I don’t put myself under pressure. It would be great if it works, but if not, I can’t really do anything against it.

8. Who is your idol from the world sport?

I don’t have an idol. But I like how Japanese do it. It’s very beautiful.

9. What do you think the macedonian women’s sport lacks? What can be done for greater sport results for the macedonian girls training karate?

I don’t know. My roots are from Struga (Macedonia), but I live in Switzerland since I was born here.

10. What are your future sports challenges?

I want to have national and international success. The next competition is the World Shotokan Karate-Do Championship is going to take place in September 2017 in Treviso/IT. I am really excited and I am looking forward to the competition.