Aspire 2 Sports and Innovation

Dec 10, 2023

Aspire 2 Sports and Innovation program is TAKT’s product focusing on support of sport organizations and sport business offering them capacity building; membership boost as well as access to funding and finances. 

At Aspire 2 Sports and Innovation, we believe that the world of sports holds boundless opportunities for innovation and transformation. Our mission is to propel the sports industry forward by nurturing and accelerating groundbreaking ideas and startups that have the power to reshape the way we play, watch, and experience sports. Aspire 2 is dynamic platform where entrepreneurs, visionaries, and sports enthusiasts unite to create the future of sports.

Our vision is simple yet powerful – to be the catalyst for change in the sports world by fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Through our specialized accelerator program and a rich network of sports industry experts, we aim to unlock the full potential of sports startups and pave the way for their success.


Capacity Development with Training and mentorship for startups, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the sports industry who are interested in Raising Funds and connecting with the business communities on a regional level in the Balkans and across Europe and the World.

These programs provide valuable guidance and support on how to navigate the complex process of raising capital, networking, and establishing partnerships with key players in the sports business ecosystem.


At ASPIRE TO SPORT AND INNOVATION, we believe that sports should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. That’s why our “Sport for All” pillar is focused on providing Innovative Solutions in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in sports, and creating opportunities for underserved communities to participate in sports and use sports as a tool for social change.

We support a range of initiatives and programs that promote diversity and inclusivity in sports, such as promoting women’s participation in sports, supporting LGBTQ+ athletes, and providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sports. We also work to address the barriers that prevent underserved communities from participating in sports, such as lack of access to facilities, equipment, and coaching.

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