SUDECU peer leader training

Feb 1, 2024

SUDECU is an innovative concept of peer education!

Take a look at the atmosphere of the 4-day training of peer leaders where we connected parents and young people from Kriva Palanka, Kumanovo and Skopje in one working group.

The training was led by Prof. Dr. Rolf Golob, Prof. Dr. Maja Raunik Kirkov and Magdalena Spasovska.

We created teams of leaders who will convey the message of SUDECU – SUstainable DEmocratic CUlture in their communities and entered into practical application of the reference framework of competencies for democratic culture #RFCDC.

– We presented the manual for peer education – SUDECU
– We presented project activities based on sustainable culture
– We made a 2 year work plan for active implementation of actions in each municipality

SUDECU is a four-year program that aims to make a positive change in society by strengthening democracy and sustainability as the foundations of everyday culture.

Many thanks to the trainers and local coordinators who contributed to the participants of this training gaining new knowledge.

The SUDECU program is supported by the Zurich University of Teacher Education and funded by the Charity Fonds of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

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