Telemark 2014
Telemark Macedonia has been organized in two skiing resorts, Mavrovo and Popova Sapka, resulting in participation of more than hundred people, with experience or little skiing experience. The aim of the project is to stress the importance of physical activities and contribute to the empowerment of women through outdoor sports activities. The project equally promotes the beauties of the Macedonian biggest skiing resorts and the attractive nature and slops they have to offer.

Telemark 2015
The successful project of Telemark Macedonia 2014 has been repeated next year, boosting the overall participation of enthusiastic skiers from the whole region. The event was complemented by debates on importance of women’s participation in sport; theoretical lectures about the telemark skiing; presentation of videos from skiing and mountaineering and other various activities. The project was supported by U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program, Italian embassy, Municipality of Rostuse and Mavrovo, Snowevents and skiing center Zare Lazarevski.

Telemark Macedonia